About Us
Having acquired Konya Milk Plant which had been offered to sale within the scope of the privatization of SEK in partnership with Konya Sugar Beet Planters Cooperative in 1993, Konya Seker produce milk under the brand of Seker Sut.
Having a market share of more than 40% in Konya, Sekersut enables through its dealers in Ankara, Afyon and Karaman that the consumers in the neighboring provinces can access healthy and natural products of SekerSut.

The SekerSut-branded products, which are, due to its taste and quality, the first choice of the consumer in the hinterland in which they are distributed, are produced above the industry standards in the plant which was restructured and made a modern plant by Konya Seker, making no concession on the quality. The plant operating in the milk industry with the assurance by Konya Şeker establishes a relationship based on trust while it keeps up with the technological developments in the industry closely and manufactures its products in an environment having superior technological facilities in terms of cleaning and hygiene.

Offering the milk produced by the local farmers and combined with the specialty of SekerSut as a healthy and delicious product with a high nutritional value and quality guaranteed, Sekersut considers the respect to the consumer’s heath and the consumer satisfaction as its essential principle.